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Friday, February 03, 2006


I've been given the opportunity to make puppets with larger groups of primary teachers but am going to have to adapt my methods fairly drastically in order the make them virtually preparation free. No sawing of cardboard tube or drilling plastic bottles.....hmmmm..... Much thinking needs to be done.


MargaretR said...

Great news Sally.
Maybe you could ask them for suggestions on simplifying as well, because they will know the children's limitations won't they?
Next time tell them all about 10 minutes before the end it's tidying up time and everyone clear their own space please and return everything to the right boxes.
That's what they would do with the children!

Sue said...

Could you get them to do their own drilling? Then they'd know what prepping for their class would involve!
And the "materials list" : bring mask, drill, soldering iron... Takes you back to C&G days, eh?