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Friday, February 17, 2006

Gangster of Lurve

Decided to dress my mad paper mache head up for Valentine's day and turn him into a bit of a gangster of lurve. Bought some large and small paper doylies from the cash & carry and persuased father in law to donate the contents of his shredder. I rubbed the puppet's head with cellulose paste and dumped him in the paper shreddings. Then I trimmed the frilly edge off the smaller paper doylie and balanced it on his ears. Voila - hardly a fedora but none the less a hat. I like the back of his head particularly.

It did occur to me the problem might be explaining to the children not what a gangster is nor what a hat is but what a paper doylie is. When you come right down to it, what the hell IS a paper doylie. If you were very posh....and you had friends coming round for tea...and you were putting out a plate of cakes.... All these thing are as foreign to these children as indulging in a few Tia Chi moves before having musili for breakfast. Oh well, who cares. As long as they grasp the hat concept in a hurry

I also put a few stitches into my fabric collage bag to make it look slightly less flung together. There will be three other makers taking part in that workshop, providing jolly things for a bunch of primary teachers to do on what should be their Saturday off. The puppet maker on that day is going to be the main man from the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre so I will be in illustrious company. On Wednesday of next week I'm paying a visit to his esteemed establishment for a quickie workshop . I'm guessing maybe this will be the same kind of stuff he intends to show the primary teachers. Looking forward to it and rest assured, I will report back in full


Gill said...

Sally, your Gangster is terrific!! He reminds me of Norman Parkinson, or of Salvador Dali....very louche!

Love the bag too. The stitching makes all the difference.

Maggie H said...

He is adorable, is that a tie around his neck?

Enjoy your puppet making workshop, am looking forward to hearing all about it.

grumpy said...

It is a tie Maggie, yes although made me think just an adam's apple would be quite effective

Liz said...

Your heads always cheer me up, Sally!

I ordered a catalogue from the bag place and I think I'm going to be spending a LOT of money there!!