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Monday, February 27, 2006

What's in a name?

A much less stressful day at the little school of horrors . The substitute teacher was a retired lady who was less willing to take snash. The class teacher had worked miracles in my absence and all the dog's bodies were finished giving me a clear run at the heads.

In they swaggered, full nonsense. I decided to try some breathing exercised to begin. We inflated and deflated ourselves like balloons, several times, remembering what it felt like to be a deflated balloon - quiet and calm - and trying to keep that feeling with us throughout the day. It certainly helped with the noise lever initially. I'd like to use more drama in the classroom. I'll learn if I get the chance.

The regular teach (who is now covering for deputy head) did say she would join us if needed. When the hot glue guns came out I called for reinforcements and the three of us managed very well. I even had time to sit the children down for a bit of reflection at the end of the day.

We went round the room deciding what we would call our dogs. Some of the more memorable names were Jesus, Moses, Michael Jacksons 1 and 2 and Humper. I did enquire if the child meant Thumper but no, he assured me, it was Humper. That does have a certain logic to it as do the Michael Jacksons with their bottle top noses hot glued into place. The religious names were are a little too esoteric for me and I refrained from comment.

A better day all round wth faith in human nature restored. Almost looking forward to next week's finale.


Holly @Home said...

Oh to ,to you'll understand why I am home-educated and I don't miss the insane asylum a bit..that was 8 years ago ..8 happy educational years need another job or a large bottle of headache tablets .Holly.

Holly @Home said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can spell Mum did a good job..that is "too "

Grumpy said...

Don't worry Holly _ I can't spell for toffee. I'm sure you're mum is doing a grand job and I would agree - you're not missing much!

Gill said...

So glad you had such a successful day, Sally...restores the faith rather, doesn't it?
Like your balloon idea!