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Friday, February 03, 2006

Take away puppets

Dearly beloved came back from the cash and carry this morning with some hot drink cups and coffee stirrers. I've played with them all day and here are the results. Milk Maid with her strawberry cow. The coffee stirrers make excellent limbs. If you twist them every so gently they will spilt at the top. Slip a split one onto an unsplit one and they lock together like a ball and socket joint. Superb! Stick them into the cup and wrap a bit of masking tape round the end so they won't pull out. Very successful limbs that waggle about delightfully when you jiggle your puppet about. Wanted to come up with something younger children could cope with too. My cup runneth over!


Gill said...

Very clever...very resourceful! The best ideas come when we are challenged, don't you think?

Love the strawberry cow. Does she produce pink milk, do you think? Oh no, silly me, milk comes from supermarkets, doesn't it?

Grumpy said...

Did occur to me Gill that modern kids will think along these lines and even if they do know where milk comes from, a milk maid will be well beyond their ken. Was researching The Magic Roundabout this morning for sight of Ermintrude the Cow and saw something about it being released as a movie. So perhaps puppet cows are not that old hat. Vintage puppets like Bill and Ben are a great source of inspiration.

Carol said...

There seems to be no stopping you at the moment Sally,
The ideas are flowing thick and fast, The children are so lucky to have you in their lives

MargaretR said...

Sally, you are so full of ideas. IMO this is the best yet, so 'cute'. I bet some TV animator would use both cow and dairy maid.
I went to see the film Magic Roundabout(with the g children) and had the shock of my life! It was nothing like the old version and so noisy and more frightening.

MargaretR said...

I wonder what these would look like as shadows? Very cute and realistic I'm thinking.

helen suzanne said...

blimey Sally you're so inventive