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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Follow the yellow brick road

Had a good reverse applique session yesterday and the yellow brick road is now in place although I decided not to make it yellow. The wallhanging is about the school's 10th anniversary and the theme is growth and forward movement. Pleased with it so far. Very tempting to do all kinds of fancy smanchy smartie pants things but this is about the children's work, not mine.

Plenty of work involved for me however. Next task is to stretch and mount all my little flowers ready for their embroidery.

In my garage a have a huge frame on legs onto which the background fabric will be mounted. It has lived in the garage for a while and developed a fine bloom of mould. It would be disastrous if this transferred itself to the fabric. Will give this frame a good scrub down before I begin and maybe swath it in masking tape once dry just to be doubly sure.

1 comment:

Zaz said...

I am so impressed with this project! how you manage with the kids plus organising a huge work , I really dont know! Well done you!!!!!