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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lost at sea

I became spectacularly lost on the way to my see through sea scapes workshop today. I have a satellite navigation system in the van but the trouble is I don't believe it. A bit like the crochet pattern that obviously had a mistake in it when it was written. It couldn't possibly be anything I had done wrong.

Turn left says the sat nav. No, I argue, you're lying- and turn the other way. After a few miles of this I did not have a clue where I was and had to obey instructions which were of course perfectly correct and got me there in no time. Anyone else suffer from this debilitating, know- it- all mentality?

The workshop went well when I finally arrived. We had so much fabric to audition the floor was the only available space. Had to take a shot of all the lovely tins people brought especially to prop up there frames. It included diet food for dogs. I didn't realise there was such a product!

Sadly one of my machine was sick and will have to go to hospital. Its zigzag knob zigs no longer and is looking decidedly zaggy. Hoping my dearly beloved can fix it. I know this is naughty and that you are not supposed to poke about in your machine's innards without having spent seven years at med school but we like to live life on the edge.

Enjoy the rest of the pcitures.


MargaretR said...

Sally, you have such a wonderful way with words.
I'm glad you haven't forgoten how to stitch those lovely trees.
i nee on of those Sat Nav things. My son has one called a Tomtom. I get lost if I go more than 3 miles from home.

MargaretR said...

Sorry. I need one of those!!

Zaz said...

great workshop! I still think you should teach on line!

from a lady in sweden who really misses good quality inspirational workshops!

Anonymous said...

These trees are wonderful, Sally, zigging rules LOL. Evie