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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

To put you in the picture

I start at flower school once Easter is over and have been preparing today. Suggested the school's photographer take pics of the kids with different expressions and looking in different directions. This has worked a treat with lots of dialogue going on between the flowers. It suggested a great story telling project based on what one flower is saying to another or at the very least, a caption contest.

I freshened up my rusty computer design skills and cut out the flower heads with Corel Draw freehand tool. Quite a job where there are thirty of them! Need to mask them off a bit more with the circle tool to get rid of a few sharp corners here and there.

Next job is to print them onto paper and let the kids have a go at arranging their paper petals. Then we print onto fabric and stitch for real. I commissioned a differently abled carpentry workshop to make me 31 frames designed to fit the fabric sheets. For this they charged me only £20! Good job. Part of the project was for two of the woodworkers to take a train ride and deliver the frames to me. They managed fine and I couldn't help a wry smile at what was written on the bottom of the box.

'This is the bottom of the box. If you're reading this, the box is upside down or you need a hobby'. Uhuh....

I was indulging my other hobby this afternoon and having a bash a making Thai fish cakes. Haven't eaten them yet. Will let you know!


Anonymous said...

Sally, this is just great - you seem to have an unlimited source of inspiration -- so what brain food are you on LOL????

Grumpy said...

Well certainy not the fishcakes Evie! They got the big thumbs down.

MargaretR said...

That is fantastic Sally. You do have a store of inspiration somewhere. I too would like to know what brainfood you are on. This Thai food?

Carol said...

Fabulous sally, the kids will be thrilled to see the finished item.