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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Paper Roses

Lovely day at flower school today. Only school I've ever been in where they thanked God for sending me (in prayers after lesson). Usually it's thank God she's away! Children grasped the paper flower concept well and turned themselves into roses and thistles, chrysanthemum and pansies. One little boy informed me that he was going to design his own flower - and why not!

I had cropped the children's photographs very tightly to make them look like the centre of flowers and they found it difficult to recognise themselves without hair. That's not me declared one little shoot. I'm not bald!

They soon had the hang of it although they begged reassurance that this was only a practice. I thought they did pretty well.

A new girl to this school was crying, so much fuss was made over her and her flower was held up by the teach for everyone to see how lovely it was. She was smiling by the end of the lesson. Good school.

Back on Tuesday for introduction to needlework - with the help of God.

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Helen Suzanne said...

this is just superb sal, you are sooo inventive - love your stuff