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Monday, April 24, 2006

Living the dream

This is an ongoing collaboration with my internet bud, Maggie. Today I took Maggie's feet and my painted silk chiffon into the shop along with my sewing machine to see what happened next.

Faces happened funnily enough, free and scribbly. This piece is entitled Dream Walking and my dreams are always full of friends and enemies, alive and dead. This is the back of the piece. It's the only place the faces are really still visible.

I cut away some of the chiffon to highlight the faces and the more I worked the more frantic and frenetic it became. I wanted to calm it down with the addition of a landscape feel which I tried to do with stitch . It didn't really work.

Instead I put more of the painted chiffon on top, sewed some horizontal lines and did a bit more cutting back. I like parts of it but not sure that it works as a whole. It's still pretty busy with nowhere for the eye to rest. I'd like to chop it up now and isolate areas but feel I've had my shot for now and need to sent it back to Maggie.

In sewing as in life I tend to steamroad roller over what was there before and not much of Maggie's feet remain. For that reason I'm going to leave the duplicate set of feet untouched. I still like the idea of combining the two pieces in some kind of chop and stitch fashion. As it is, it would make quite a jolly little clutch or perhaps Maggie will choose to stick with the spirit of our original discussions regarding a figure. It would make nice little stripy legs. But that's not my decision to make...

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Helen Suzanne said...

This is an amazing process. I love seeing how you work and really admire how you dive into a piece and see where it leads. Inspirational stuff!