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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

All ruched up and nowhere to go

Well it certainly seems to work in theory. Here is a little flower gathered up and stuck down. It seems a shame to discard the nice green background fabric altogether so think I will cut that out as echo petal shapes before sticking it to the background fabric. Looks as if mounting everything on frames for stitching has been a bit of a wasted effort but you live and learn. At least if keeps it flat and not as easy to throw in the bin or cut up by mistake!


Zaz said...

I like the one with the bunny ears below..........he gets my vote!!!
- all in all , a wonderful project !


MargaretR said...

I agree with you Zaz. I have enjoyed every minute. What a good idea to buddy them with the older children!
Reading all this on your blog is making me feel quite nostalgic Sally. I did so enjoy teaching.
Thanks for letting me remember and share in your work.