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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gather round

Difficult day at flower school with the small needles and thread proving too challenging for most of the children's fine motor skills. The staff could not have been more helpful and supportive and between us we hatched a plan B. Primary 5 are going to buddy the primary 2 children one to one. We're moving up to yarn darners and crochet cotton and concentrating on gathering our petals on a double strand before, I strongly suspect, gluing them into place on the children's faces and subsequently on the wallhanging. Would PVA glue be man enough for this job or have you a better suggestion? All information most gratefully received.

As I was having a drink of water before I started for home I heard the head teacher and my class teacher planning a church service and choosing the hymns. They were singing snippets back and forward to one another and it sounded lovely. Made me want to attend the service where the children from this school will be performing.

I also was given a present. One little flower had drawn me a picture. It really was for me, had my name on it and everything. Not just some picture she keep handy as a generic sook-in but a specifically target sook-in, just for me. That child will go far.

Gather some roses.

Gather ye thistles wile ye may.

You'll gather this is a sunflower.

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