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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The book continues

Here is the Big Draw book just about ready to have it's pages stitched together and here's one I made earlier to give you an idea of what I intend to do to with it. I've made several deliberate mistakes so far. I do hate doing things for other people. Not in a reluctant kind of way, just in an it's never good enough (for me) kind of way. So glad this is an unpaid voluntary commission. My arms have this thing......they tend to fly up from sides and then I make this noise like - I'll do it I'll do it! Whether or not I have the necessary time, or ability come to that, seems to be a secondary consideration. Heigh, ho. Too late now.

Next step is drilling holes in the cover. Lots of opportunities to make an a--- of it here. Cover wrong way up, holes wrong distance apart. They do say being aware of your faults is half way to curing them. Maybe being aware of the pitfalls is the best way to avoid them. Wish me luck!


Helen Suzanne said...

hehe I got really excited to see the top pic...the book is looking amazing and to think what it's filled with... a real treasure. have you found a place to have it displayed in public?

Grumpy said...

Where it goes from here will be up to the local authority Helen. Must say I'm looking forward to the handover when it will no longer be my responsiblitity:)