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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Same But Different

Thanks for your kind comment Diane! May be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.
Blogger has changed me to the new format, that's perhaps why things look strange. The 400 page book continues. Christmas has just knocked me off schedule a bit. When the holidays finally get here I'm going to blitz the gluing bit then I can get onto the fun stitching bit. Being a grumpy shopkeeper, I have to be behind my counter until closing time on Christmas Eve. My favourite customer quote from yesterday was.....I thought I might give it to her on Christmas Day. Weeelll, yeeessssss......

I miss the little darlings at school too. Was dreaming about them last night. This is the first year in about three I haven't had a project in the offing but will do my best to make good use of all this lovely time and space I have been given. Happy holidays!

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diane said...

Oh, gosh, I remember retail days. There are always a bunch who come in at five minutes to closing on Christmas Eve and straggle out an hour later. Your lips become mummified into the have-a-nice-holiday smile. Peace and patience to you in this your finest hour. Without the shopkeepers, where would we be on Christmas morning? In Whoville?