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Friday, December 01, 2006

Effing drawing

No I'm not being rude. This is a new descriptive term I've invented to describe my favouite drawing style. Fast, Furious and without Forethought. I'm dong a demonstration tonight of public sewing machine drawing and this is my trial run. I'm hoping people will stop by and have a go so I want the technique to be fast and free as possible. Think effing drawing might fit the bill very nicely.


arlee said...

TOO FUNNY!!!!!! Gotta remember that! I did an "effin'" jacket once----had words that started with f all over it in free motion--fun fabulous funky frivolous etc etc etc :}

Anonymous said...

You are an effing clever artists if you ask me Sally. that is a work of art.

Helen Suzanne said...

hehe love it Sally! wonderful and spontaneous.