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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cover story

It is said by some that I tend to put the cart before the horse and never know when to leave well alone. This is certainly true of the cover for the Big Draw book. Once the fabric was stretched on the cardboard and the holes were drilled, I decided I wanted to add lettering. Calligraphy is not my thing. Handwriting can be a struggle at times. I had several attempts - no, not try outs - writing on he actual, finished cover - and hated them all.
At the same time, I was writing on the cover of the technical try out book and having covered it with ink I resorted to bleach. Yes gentle reader, I know you'll find this hard to believe but on the cover of my precious book made with archival glue and Japanese paper I painted with bleach. Don't shout at me, it's too late now.

From my flirtations with felt making I remembered that vinegar is supposed to neutralise bleach so a sponging with vinegar came next. Is smells delightful, as you can imaging

The finished item is good enough. If I mess with it any more, I'm going to ruin it altogether and them I'll be in deep doodooh. I wanted it to look rough and ready ( had my wish granted there) to be in the spirit of the drawings.

For anyone like me whose dream is to slap on a cover once a book has been published, check out this project.

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