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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Used envelope blues

I made my technical try out book today and reminded myself of all the dodges and wheezes. This piece of fabric was painted by the profoundly disabled kids I worked with for a couple of weeks. Looks great when you see it in isolation like this and nice to have a memento of them.

I often make books from used envelopes but I've never done it like this before. I split the envelopes up the sides as well and fitted them together in sets of three to make signatures before joining them together along the spine with chain stitch. White UK envelopes all seem to have a similar blue patterning inside them. Lots of different patterns and lots of different shades of blue. I wonder why this is? Must try and find out. I like the juxtapositioning of the blue and white pages that results when you stitch in this fashion. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll wake up brave and drill holes in my cover for real. I'm charging my drill battery tonight, just n case!


arlee said...

OH GREAT idea!!!!!!! Terrific--now the mail i save really *does* have a purpose! :}

Great cover too---talented kids!

Helen Suzanne said...

This book is just great Sally. It looks good and the cover... really impressive.

MargaretR said...

I am always impress with the things you do Sally and this is a great idea. I have also been saving envelopes believe it or not!

Debra said...

Those white envelopes you show are business envelopes. The blue lines inside keep others from holding the envelope to the light and reading what's inside... identifying checks. It's a security feature.


Grumpy said...

Glad you like the envelope books folks and thanks for the info Debra! Had surfed about but couldn't solve the mystery of the blue insides. Now I know. But why all blue? Does it foil ultra violet light or something? I'll surf on. Might find more info now I know what I'm surfing for.