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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Weird? Moi?

My friend Gill had tagged me to tell you six weird things about myself. Gave this serious thought and decided that I am not in the least weird, not by the standards of my like minded friends There are weird people around. The kind of people who don't look at the contents of their dustbin and think 'I could make something out of that!'. Colour is not important to these folk and they have no desire to stroke texture where ever they might find it. They don't feel the urge to dismantle things to see how they are made or hoard the end bits from notebooks because it's such good cardboard. They don't have a room filled with the detritus of life like broken glass and stones. They don't save used envelopes, vegetable nets, yogurt cartons and the plastic things pasty cases come in, just in case. These poor people don't keep striped telephone wire filed in colour order and have no desire whatsoever to pull trash out of their neighbour's bins because with a bit of tweaking, it just might turn into treasure.

How sad for them. Makes me glad I'm perfectly normal.


Diane said...

Have you been stalking me?
You've obviously been visiting my workroom while I am at the office.
No wonder I can't find anything, you've been rooting around in my stash!

arlee said...

Great answer!!! Wierd is a state of mind, just like age-----and who wouldn't save all those bits but us normal artist types? :}

Gill said...

Absolutely, Sally - spot on! Love the envelope book btw - that's one of the workshops I do as a one-off and always goes down well. But mine never have such a classy cover. That one would not look out of place in a super-exclusive arty-paper shop. Very cool!

Liz said...

Hear, hear!!