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Monday, December 11, 2006

Positive Action

Right. Enough being miserable about Christmas. Time to take some positive action to cheer myself up.

Went to a thanks to our tutors party at a local arts centre the other night. Pretty dull. Ended up sitting between two girlies discussing what the feed their babies but on the plus side, I was talking to a very interesting art tutor and I think I'm going to make her my mentor for next year, lucky girl! (Would that be me or her?) I've booked a collage workshop with her on 20th Feb to express how I feel about the 24 hour society and a painting workshop of March 6th looking at the work of one of my fav Scottish artists John Bellany. A more cheerful chap it would be hard to find.

For a immediate fix, I've rekindled my interest in knitting socks which has always stood me in good (not to mention warm) stead in the past when reality has become a bit too much.

Perhaps I'll be able to manage one ho....but definitely not three. Whadaya want? Miracles?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd stop at two if I were you, Sally!