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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Egyptian Creations

Lovely day at Egyptian school today. Do you like their necklaces? I had 21 little creatures of very mixed ability. It was a sequence of gluing, cutting and folding repeated ten times. Some kids took one look at the demonstration and had it down pat while others were still confused tenth time round. This must make school teaching a very difficult job.
When the collars were dry (ish) we rubbed them with Treasure Gold and Silver. With young kids you always have to explain that you don't dig finger nail deep into pot of rub on gilding cream. The words 'light' and 'gentle' were hugely open to interpretation and ranged from hardly visible to all over clothes, desk and face.

About three or four children completed their project today. I'm going back next week as a volunteer for a couple of hours to help the others finish off. Good fun!


MargaretR said...

Love the first sketch!
I agree entirely, mixed ability classes are very, very difficult to teach. Imagine how a class of the same ability could be stretched. I think this is where things started going wrong with our education. The slower ones are even at more of a disadvantage, they must be so disheartened to see the bright ones galloping along. Mags on her hobby horse.

Diane said...

Thanks for adjusting their cute little faces - the long necked blond with the multiple collars was fairly disconcerting yesterday. :)
Mainstreaming children with different abilities remains a controversial subject. I hope the process teaches us all to search out the best in every one. I know as I cruise around the net reading blogs and websites that my skills are somewhere between the worst and the best but I know that we are all on our own path of discovery.
Sally, I know that just you're being there with *all* those kids and working with them individually is helping them to have confidence in themselves. That is a huge lesson, and probably more important than the quality of their art project.

laurie said...

"The words 'light' and 'gentle' were hugely open to interpretation and ranged from hardly visible to all over clothes, desk and face."

That single line just cracked me UP! hehehehehehe

Grumpy said...

Hi Diane

I'm trying to abide by the letter of the law and not publish unauthorised pics of the kids as you'll realise but yes, I agree, the way I had distorted their faces previously completely freaked me out. I actually think blanking the faces out in any way is pretty ghastly....and hi to Laurie who has the one of best blogs to read around!