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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kandinsky eat your heart out!

Moving swiftly along to the next stage with the kids, we are going to do some drawing to music. We only have the funding for this project because it is cross curricular so we must be seen to be bringing the two art forms together. Having said that, self expression can be rather difficult to prize out of twelve year olds as I am discovering. Particularly if you want them to express something different from that which their neighbour is expressing. It takes guts and lots of hard life lessons to become an individual. So, recipe for instant twelve year old individuality required.
No problem! I'll just take on board the lessons in loosing up that I learnt from Big Draw and furnish them all with some wallpaper lining, a cane and a felt pen. Gave it a try tonight with some musically driven wiggly squiggles. Easy, man! Then, hopefully, they can spend a happy and peaceful remainder of the period isolating and adding colour to the areas of their choice, a la Kandinsky, ready to be reinterpreted in stitch. This is the plan so far...


Carol said...

This looks like a seriously fun event, envy you working with the youngsters, must be so satisfying when they 'Get It'

MargaretR said...

I might have mentioned this before, but I once had a lovely example of art to music from 4 yr old boy, he was singing the Magic Roundabout music to la la la and swinging his paintbrush around. That was the first time I aw this. Have fun.