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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Staying in the moment

I've been reading a bit of Eastern philosophy and today I'm going to impart my wisdom to my 12 year old novices. Lucky novices! I'm going to introduce them to the idea of conscious thinking and intuition. The brain that goes '..imagine her saying that to me...look at the state of him....should I buy those boots....wonder what's for tea...' while you lock yourself out the house and crash the car because you're not paying attention. This is undoubtedly the brain that was responsible for the mess I have just made of my breakfast. I have the same breakfast every morning in life - porridge - made to the same recipe and miked for the same length of time. So how come this morning it looks like pig's swill? Because imagine her saying that to me! Look at the state of him....................

1 comment:

Miss Frugality said...

....sometimes it would be great to have an on /off switch for this part of the brain , may be just for a couple of hours a day....would probably get a lot more done in that time!