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Thursday, March 08, 2007

S-t-re-t-c-hing the imagination

I'm off to do another collage/book making sessions with kids at the weekend. Thought I would post a photo of this very easy stick binding just in case you hadn't come across it before. You simply punch holes in covers and pages (envelopes), thread an elastic band through and catch it with stick.
I was worried I wasn't going to have an elastic band long enough. How lucky am I? So short of things to worry about I have to be concerned over the length of my elastic bands. Then I remembered Chinese ropes. Anyone else play this at school? You join yards of elastic bands by looping them together. Two people would stand facing each other with this giant elastic band rope round their ankles while the third person did intricate jumping things in between them. Don't know what they jumps were - no-one ever asked me to play!!!!

So, revenge of the Chinese ropes....I'm going to loop my elastic bands together, forever more, and never again worry about their length.

On the subject of elastic bands and their ability to concern and perplex the human species, last year I made junk puppets in a primary schools with plastic bottles, safety pins and our old friend the elastic band. My puppet was hanging above my workroom window and just recently his arms fell off - or to be more exact, he fell to the ground and this arms remained suspended from their wooden aeroplane control. On closer inspection the elastic band had perished in what I considered to be a very short space of time. My mind was filled with a distressing image in children sobbing over their broken puppets but I think I flatter myself. Much more likely they forgot about them the moment I left the classroom. However I wouldn't used stretched elastic bands in this construction method again. My partner tells me elastic under tension is more likely to perish. Hhhhh, hope my knickers don't fall down.


Helen Suzanne said...

brilliant post Sally :D :D just what I needed this morning. "..u should always pin a safety-pin to your knickers " I can hear my granny echoing in the background.

Thanks for the stick technique too. It could look good with my tree bark things.

Carol said...

Oh I remember the elastic band skipping thing, we called it American skipping I think?
couldn't do it now would fall over in a tangle of rubber bands LOL