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Thursday, March 15, 2007

First child finishes

We achieved our first finished module today, complete with rattly seed heads to convert it into an art/percussion piece. My plan had been to add the seed heads in a straight (approximately) line because the rest of the piece is really busy. I still think I prefer this to just plonking the seed heads any old where but it does give me a bit of a weight problem given that the collaborative aim is to join all the modules together to make a hanging. I'll live with it until we've joined the first three or four. Guess we could balance it out by not having all the seed heads at the same side. I'm pleased with the kids progress so far. They really seem to be into the main. Apart from one very voluble little prophet of failure and doom who prompted me to tell him he need to do less of this (point to mouth) and more of this (point to ears) and work on developing a Positive Mental Attitude! Wow, wish I listened to my own advice!

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