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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm Free!

Hooray! My latest tangle with the educational system is at an end! Taking my sewing machines in today turned out to be a fine idea. I set up in a quiet little side room and had sensible children through in pairs. It was enjoyable for everyone - even me - and we managed an awwwwwwww! when the bell finally rang. This is the additional hanging we made. It's parent's night tonight we we hung it up in class for a bit of decoration. The main hanging should be in situ for the presentation the children are giving about their project next month although the I.T. guy did tell me they are not allowed to drill holes in the walls because of the asbestos in the school. So how will the hanging be hung? Don't ask.

On a more positive note I did hear the Times Educational Supplement are interested in writing about this project because of it's ground breaking cross curricular nature. Might get my name in the papers yet!

This is the work of a twelve year old boy who spends much of his time excluded from school. I did hear him saying he was enjoying himself and he certainly made a fine job of his panel.

A nice note to finish on.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Well done Sally. Hope the Times Ed write it up... you deserve the recognition. Students were very lucky indeed to work with you. You deserve a rest now.
Maggie H

MargaretR said...

All's well that ends really well Sally. I look forward to seeing you in the papers.

Helen Cowans said...

Hi Sally, You must be so relieved. Well done for sticking with it and lets hope you get a write up. Helen

Gill said...

What a triumph Sally! Amazing work inspired by an amazing woman. All credit to you - hope the Times Ed recognises what an achievement this has been.