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Saturday, March 10, 2007

...Drum Roll.....................

Yesterday's session where the kids and I looked at percussion instruments has sparked off an idea for me. What if this piece of art we are making was itself a percussion instrument? The pelmet vilene is very light, it is not going to be backed with anything and is destined to hang in their music room where it will move at the slightest touch. I'm sure the children would appreciate the opportunity to annoy the teachers by making it rattle every time they go in.

These are dried poppy heads. I've had a huge bag of them for the longest time and almost threw it out when I tripped over it the other day thinking I would never find the right project for them. But I think I just found it. I have enough to give each child a couple to incorporate into their piece. I've caught curtain rings round some of mine in this sample which makes it even noisier. Once sprayed gold, they will echo the beautiful alto sax we looked a yesterday which was an art object in itself.

The cross curricular aspect of this project is mega important to to organisers. How much more fully can you fill the brief than this?

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