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Friday, March 09, 2007

Amazed and Relived!

Well,whatchknow? Amazingly, the music lesson was the best session I've had with the kids so far and I actually wish I had started the project by having them describe musical instruments. We were helped by the fact that there was a weird and wonderful selection from rainmakers to guiros to claves (don't ask) . Also a lot of the kids play an instrument and were happy to talk about that. They came up with some fabulous deep ideas from torture and lollipops to deception and seahorses. Wow, that would be some piece of work!

It's made me completely rethink where I'm going to lead them from here. To a much larger extent, I'm going to let them lead me. I'm also going to the hardware store to buy the biggest load of old junk I can find so the kids can let their imaginations run riot.

It's a shame you just have to fly in and fly out again to do these project without getting to know and build up some trust between each other. Making art is scary and personal but I feel we took a big step closer to being able to relax in each other's company today.

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