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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cacophany or harmony?

It's a long time since I put pen to sketchbook for design purposes but I had to sort out a few things in my head since being told that what my school children are actually working on is a collaborative project destined for public display. I'm going to join their A4 sized pieces of work together in long strips. The first drawing shows that if we let them do their own creative thing it will look just like what it says on the tin - a whole lot of different creative things joined together.

On the other hand, if I set them parameters and say that
everyone has to use their piece portrait way up and take their shapes from the top to the bottom in some kind of fluid way you can see that a line of sorts emerges. All these pieces will be different on the front but it we make them all similar on the back (sunshine yellow I'm thinking) the yellow cut out fold overs revealed in that line will give the piece even more harmony.

I hate to put any kind of brake on their creativity and I REALLY hate to see an art class produce all the same thing. I will encourage individuality in the parts where that's possible. If it wasn't required all to hang together, obviously I wouldn't be doing this at all.

If we are super smart, we could have linking pieces top and bottom so the line appears to run up one panel and down the next. Whatch think?


Anonymous said...

Like the idea of a linking background colour. How about you drawing a guide line on each piece so you could link top and bottom then giving them carte blanche with front colour and shape and size of cut outs from then on?

Grumpy said...

Good idea Paulene. The pieces will be assembled in random order so am hoping (against hope) that each tail not leading exactly into the other won't matter much.

Gill said...

Maybe they could all start and finish at a set point on the top/bottom edge? half way, perhaps, or two thirds, in which case you'd have to go top-bttom-bottm-top - if you get my drift.
Can't wait to see the end result. But then I guess, neither can you! (for different reasons, perhaps!)