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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Three movements

Some of the kids have made a really nice job of their stitched piece. Others can't see the point.
'Just wait till you have your big house and you need something modern and beautiful to hang on the wall' says teach.
'I'll get someone in' replies unartistic pupil. Please don't let it be me. I don't need the money that much.

This is collaborative hanging number two. Pieces don't look much in themselves but they have a certain fascination when you join them together and the bigger it's getting, the better it looks.

From here they move onto using the skills they have learned this month to do their own thing, any way they want. Like punching holes in each other's clothing and pushing paper fasteners up their noses. You think I joke? Just getting used to school culture as it's almost coming to an end. Next week is my last week then it's back to civilisation with mixed feelings.

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