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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Red sheep in the morning

I had a lovely day yesterday playing with civilised, grown up ladies as opposed to obnoxious children. The early morning drive across to the east coast of Scotland with the red sun just rising in the sky was glorious. I passed some red sheep grazing in a green field and no, it wasn't the sun's reflection. They had been dyed red. A farming chum once told me this is something to do with insemination or lack of it or some other need to identify certain sheep. They looked like a bizarre Easter/Christmas card.

I was early for my play date and had a wander round the charming historical market town in which we were meeting. Didn't have my camera with me of course so couldn't snap for you some scaffolding I found colourfully protected by carpet in different tartans. Only in Scotland!

A farmer's market was in progress and something smelled wonderful. Before I knew what was happening she whose body is a temple was wolfing down a wild boar burger. Yummmmmmmmmm!

The ladies were extremely talented and produced some fabulous work which I'm getting slightly better at photographing. The soldering iron was the star of the day and much beautiful applique and faux vermicelli was produced without a sewing machine in sight. Also no-one soldered through their partner's cable. Well done ladies!


Helen Cowans said...

Sally those velvet pieces are stunning! They look SO wonderful. Helen

Elizabet said...

OOh please tell how you do the faux vermicelli stitch!!!

Mike said...

been wondering what those red sheep were all about. TY