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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Old knickers never die, they simply fade away.

When summer looks as if it might be going to put in an appearance, I like to buy plain, cheapo t-shirts and discharge them with bleach. This is a £3 black vest top from Tesco. I folded it, clipped it together with clothes pegs and gave it 12 minutes in a fairly weak bleach solution. A rinse in vinegar and a wash in the machine followed. Not bad.

I have some of these from last year that are fairing fine. No sign of the bleach rotting the fabric although for £3 it wouldn't be a major disaster. You do then to fall in love with things though, don't you?

Like underpants. Just can't persuade him indoors to part with his old ones which frankly should have a health and safety warning on them. He says he's keeping them for polishing cloths. What, precisely is he going to polish?

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arlee said...

I love those shirts! I've been doing that too for the past 10 years, often risking friend and family who feels they should save me by throwing them in the garbage because they have "bleach spots on them and they're ruined"---hands offa muh shirts!