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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Border lines

Mission accomplished on the crochet front. It was a cakewalk in the end. You just count the stitches in the repeat and repeat them. Why it took me eleventy two hours and several days goodness only knows. Just the sleeves to tackle now.
It is very textured and I can't decided whether to block it or not. I think not. I've still not recovered from blocking a nasty acrylic thing and watching it treble in size. No nasty acrylic here though. This is Noro Silk Garden.

Every tried photographing the back of your neck? I made the fancy trim go right round which looks quite dinkie but I'm afraid the wool might be going to itch the back of my neck. Oh well, too bad. I'm not undoing all the work now!


Gill said...

Looks really good Sally - what fantastic crochet! I like the Noro yarn too. Must look out for silk garden - haven't tried it and it looks a little more refined than the Noro I used for my felted bags. More my taste!!

Papoosue said...

That is absolutely fantastic! What lovely work.

nadine said...

Bravo to you, G-Shopkeeper!
this will be less bothersome for your neck after you've washed it the first or second time, i'm sure.

Sara said...

Hi Sally,
I always read your blog and
I choose you for the Thinking Blogger Award

The person who tagged me was Beate from

Of course, if you have any problem with it, I’ll take you off the list. You ought to chose 5 other blogs and put them in a post in your blog.
I thought it’s an good way of chosing interesting blogs.
Best regards, Sara