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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ever decreasing circles

Yahoo! (No infringement of copyright intended). Sleeve in progress. The original pattern had short sleeves but I want three quarter length. At the moment the sleeve bunches and bells unattractively around my elbow. Needs a cuff of some kind but I don't want to introduce any new stitches to this already busy little number. Tried decreasing number of stitches in the round but the fabric becomes too solid and looses it's lacy look.
Then I remembered all the false starts I had with the garment. I kept using the wrong size of crochet hook which made it far too small. Ah ha! So now I need it to become small, increasingly small around the mid forearm, I'll take my hook size down by increments. Should work? Yes?
By the way, can anyone point me towards a good source of patterns of this ilk? Summer weight crocheted cardis?. Anyone get the Interweave crochet mag? Worth having? Many Thanks.

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