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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life's a bleach

Here are some more £3 Tesco t-shirts given the bleach discharge treatment. I wore one of them the other day before bleaching (or washing) and that stupid transfer on the inside brought out the whole of my back in a rash. After washing they seem to be fine, fortunately.

I went from economy fashion to the other end of the scale today paying a visit to House of Bruar where I bought a skirt from Poland and a pair of trousers from Germany. What does that say about the British clothing industry?


Helen Cowans said...

Hi Sally

I love House of Bruar, always one of our stops on the way north :)


Liz said...

Gorgeous, Sally. I dyed an old vest of the kids' once and it makes a brilliant summer tshirt!

I'm surprised you could find any clothes made anywhere other than China actually..... most of mine are these days....what does that say about me, I wonder?!

katelnorth said...

These are great, Sally - I particularly like the third one - love the way you've done the bottom right quarter more than the rest. I've discharged fabric, but never thought of doing t-shirts - must give it a try. Time to hit Tesco, perhaps...

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Does Tesco know you have increased their sales? Great stuff Sally.