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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An awfully big aventure

Today was the start of the 2007 awfully big adventure season.

In glorious sunshine we took the ferry to Dunoon then hit the single track roads heading for the Crinan Canal.

We turned a corner in the road just as a tree was being felled in front of us and had to wait while the guys fired up their chain saws, lopped off the branches and cleared the way. They said we were the first car they'd seen in two hours. Sod's law!

We finally reached the canal and had a lovely lunch in the Cairnbaan Hotel. Most excellent eve's pudding and custard.

We found everything but the kitchen sink in Argyll and Bute. Oh no, we found that too.

Guess who forgot her sunglasses....but then, how often do you need them in Scotland?

1 comment:

Helen Cowans said...

Looks like the perfect day Sally... perfect R&R after the recent schools teaching! Helen