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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pay attention at the back!

Made my initial art/music presentation to the kids at school today. Was sitting in reception waiting to go up in the lift when- horror of horrors- I realised had forgotten the piece of work I was going to talk to them about. I had brought examples of my own work in order to do my introduction as an artists chat so I did have something to show them. Just had to wing it and ask them to image the other piece as I described it. Seemed to work. Even children lolling on one elbow, chewing their ties, or having a quick heads down catnap on the desk showed a flicker of passing interest. I'm sure I can fan this into flames of enthusiasm given time, maximum effort and buckets of adrenaline. Several reluctantly confessed to having been the sewing route before so this is not going to be totally new ground for them, which is a relief.....I think. My memories of school sewing are not what you would call inspirational. Hope I'll mange to give them something to remember, in a good way.

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