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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I was at Egyptian school the other day finishing off my project. A few kings emerged because of an elastic threading problem. You thread through two holes at a time, you make a necklace. You thread through one hole at a time, you make a crown because the difference in width between the top and bottom becomes less. A happy discovery as it happens, crowns were equally acceptable but it did make me think that when planning an activity like this for children you should test it to destruction with your eight year old head on making every deliberate mistake you can possibly think of to avoid disaster on the day.

I took along some beads for threading to keep the children who finished last week amused. They did look fab in all their regalia and have asked me along to Egyptian afternoon on the 2nd March. I've to let them know if I'm toot-en-coming or not. Depends if I can get my sarf-off-i-gus!

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