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Saturday, February 10, 2007

No cheeze...

No pics today. Camera batteries dud and no spares with me. Blogger - or some other swear word. Great workshop though. 16 little kiddiewinkies who had been given disposable cameras and set loose in a museum. Today their pics came back and they were well pleased with them. We were making books to put the pictures in.

They romped through three different book making techniques in three quarters of an hours. They made two puzzle books with no glue and no sewing where you just cut and fold a single sheet of paper. Then they opened up some envelopes and stitched them back together again up the middle a la pamphlet style. All this was accomplished easily but when it came to gumming a long strip of envelopes together by their flaps to make a zigzag book, we had crisis! 'I don't like the taste' was the cry. So we masking taped them together instead and glued on a bit of corrugated paper on for the spine.

All this was hectic and chaotic and involved a fair amount of shouting and bending over mid-spine (always a killer). When the books were assembled we started designing our covers with tissue paper and magazine pages and silence fell. Ahhhhhh, concentration, a wonderful thing! The kids were right into it and I'm going to focus on a lot more of this next time with perhaps just one other very simple book construction technique to keep up my sleeve in case they get bored.

I don't think boredom was high on the agenda today as their group leader told me they don't usually work at that pace. Half way through the day a beautiful child with long red hair had to point out to me that he as a boy and would I please stop calling him a girl. Another angelic little girl, who really was a girl, had a great time cutting swear words out the magazines. And that was Country Living! She must have had to go some.

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