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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Big Draw

Click on the drawings for more detail

I've been ask to facilitate some public drop in drawing sessions next month. I've made these flash cards to give participants (and myself) a few ideas. Read somewhere that in general people find collaborative drawing less daunting so may offer one huge bit of paper, maybe on the floor with drawing materials on sticks. Also thought I'd have some small scrappy bits like these in bulldog clips so artists don't get the feeling they are 'spoiling' anything good. Suddenly occurred to me that I can't really use inks and permanent markers in case anyone stains there clothes or children knock things over. Any suggestions for inventive ways of drawing or washable materials much appreciated.


margaret said...

How about using carbon paper - draw with a tool that leaves no mark on the top sheet, then lift up the carbon paper to see what you've drawn. Where to get carbon paper, though -- it's pretty much a thing of the past?

Zaz said...

these are brilliant ideas Sally - they should really inspire people - and such fun too!

you are good .............not to mention clever!

Diane said...

Draw with water-wash-up school glue and sprinkle colored sand on it?
Shaking off the excess could get messy though.
Or just bring large men's shirts to wear backwards like we did in school for the really fastidious.
Have a big sack of baby wipes for their hands.
You are no doubt going to generate a lot of interest with those sketches!

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tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.