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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Disenchanted workshops

Guess what this is? It's me trying to make my workshops more enchanting. For those for whom messing about with stuff is not an end in itself and a practical outcome is preferable, how about a snuggly for your moby? And yes, I do prefer the cheapskate pay as you go antique model thank you very much.


Gill said...

ooooh nice one Sally!

MargaretR said...

Good idea Sally. I made the mistake of making a mobile cover using decorated felt. Guess what? I couldn't hear it when it rang!
The button and bead necklaces turned our really well.

shirleyVC said...

How delighted I was when I viewed your blog (via Digital Gran) a few days ago and saw the picture of Cumbrae taken from yoour front window. I live in North Carolina in the States, but for 17 years have had a room-and-kitchen in Ilchattan Bay on the Isle of Bute. Out my front window I have a view of the other side of Cumbrae.

Helen Suzanne said...

great!! and the cording is a lovely touch. - snap with the phone btw!! they work don't they :))