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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Moby covers 4U

Had a good day experimenting with the moby covers. Here are the Moroccan inspired belt loop and shoulder strap versions. Pelmet vilene is not the best fabric for this actually. The original one that has been in and out of pockets and bags is looking a bit dog eared already. It's a bit like thick paper in that, if you stitch into it with any density, you can just pop that bit right out. Not really the desired effect. I want to use pelmet vilene for this project because it doesn't fray and takes the paper bag printing so beautifully. Ideally you should bond a few more decorative bits and pieces onto it for reinforcement.

1 comment:

Helen Suzanne said...

o o ... the strappy one is great, love the cording.

the big draw ideas are looking good (love the watery effects) - what a lot of techniques when you look at it individually!