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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Differently abled

Here's my plan for the less able/sight impared children next week. I cut out these cardboard fish. They can feel round these and cover them with a sheet of Bacofoil which makes a great noise. I've tried really hard to cut myself with Bacofoil and it doesn't seem to be possible. They can rub over the foil with Markal paint sticks for the noise, the bumpy feeling and the colour. Finally they can stick on a googly eye. Personally, I find any piece of artwork is much improved by a googly eye.

I'm going to hang all the fish from this wire coat hanger mobile. They're phasing out wire coat hangers in the UK. Isn't that a disgrace? Probably protecting the human rights of your jumper not to get peaky bits at it's shoulders. So Homer Simpson was right the steal the wire hangers and out of date medicines from his neighbour's bin while he had the chance? Not so sure about the medicine.


Diane said...

Love the fish idea.
What about providing a bunch of circles or scale shapes that can be glued on before wrapping in foil? More texture, more to do, more impact when they rub on the color.

Grumpy said...

Thanks for that Diane. Great idea

Zaz said...

super idea Sally .....where do you get them all from??

pity about the hangers! shall we start a protest group?