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Sunday, September 17, 2006

For Shirley

Hi Shirley! Glad you found me. Just for you, here's in the dramatic sunset over Cumbrae tonight. It was my good buddie Digital Gran who inspired me to try photographing landscape with her beautiful pictures of Wales. I've visited your part of the world too, North Carolina, with my parents-in-law who used to work for IBM. Dearly beloved and I love Rothesay and spend every spare moment there. If you have a browse back through the summer months you'll find lots of cycling pics, quite a few with hoods up and gloves on. Well, you'll know what Scottish summers are like!


MargaretR said...

Hi Sally. Thanks for the plug(s)
I have a feeling people are getting a bit tired of mine by now, but as I haven't been doing much else.......
Your sunset is beautiful. Mags

birdie said...

Dear Sally (aka Grumpy),
Thank you, thank you for the message and the beautiful sunset pictures. I checked your archives and found pictures of you and Dearly Beloved on Bute. Great shots of the wreck on the beach at Ettrick Bay. I know that well.

As for mitten in May, well, I'm there a lot at that time of the year (except this year it was all of August) and I know it can be hat-and-coat weather, but if you come from hot and humid NC, it's nice to toast your toes in front of a coal fire even if it is "summer."

I love the Scots' ubiquitious comment on any kind of weather, "Fresh! Isn't it?"

birdie said...

Addendum to the birdie comment. That's birdie aka Shirley.

Grumpy said...

Next time you're in town, come and see me in my grumpy shop Birdie. I'm only a ferry ride away.

Zaz said...

this is a lovely set of pictures Sally ..............inspired by Mags??? who wouldnt be huh?

might even get my camera out - if we ever see the sun again here ;-)