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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Scottish play

Before I started my blog I was asked by a secondary school to help them make body adornment in response to Verdi's opera of MacBeth. They asked me to the resulting exhibition recently and I was delighted to see they had incorporated some of the metals and plastics I had introduced them to. Here are some details. This is not all my work by any means. I'm not a costumier, neither did I make all the lovely felt. These lucky kids have a dedicated and inspiring full time art teacher....obviously!


Helen Cowans said...

sally these costumes are fantastic. You must be really proud :) Helen

MargaretR said...

I so enjoyed that Sally. Aren't some children lucky? I bet you are proud of your part in it?

Grumpy said...

Proud and amazed. Being teenagers, their attitude during the workshops was very much am I bovvered?