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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Big Draw

I was thinking that perhaps it might be less intimidating for people to take part in the drop in drawing session in the middle of the shopping mall if I was doing something expansive, rather than just sitting there looking at them or (horror of horrors) trying to harras people into drawing. I also thought it might be easier for them if I got rid of the white paper. I had a random ripping, sticking and painting practice in my room this morning. Lumps and horizontal lines have a real sea feel about them which is appropriate because this town is on the coast. The torn paper shapes give the impression of industry which is fitting too because there used to be a thriving ship building industry here. Wouldn't be too frightened of doing this kind of thing in public. The public have the scary end of the bargain. They're supposed to draw on top of it!

Just found this link for last year's Big Draw in Lichfield. Wowser!

Can't claim to have invented this drawing technique but luckily the free and expressive drawing possibilities of paint mixed with wallpaper paste came back to me. It's a bit like etch-a-sketch. If you don't like your drawing, you just smooch over it and scrape into again, revealing the paper underneath as you draw. Works like a charm on top of junk mail. All the bright colours shine through.

Was also wondering how people could carry their set drawings away but if course, it's obvious! You just put another piece of paper on top. If you peel them apart without waiting too long, you have two drawings for the price of one!

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Helen Suzanne said...

how cool! do a drawing and some printing at the same time :D - i love they can take something away too!!