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Friday, September 22, 2006

Disenchanted workshops

Had a lovely play with beads at the disenchanted workshop today. One of the ladies had taken materials home with her last week and came in with loads of stuff she had made. So heartening. Makes it all worth while.

They took to the seed beads like ducks to water and want to continue next week which suit me find because it means I won't need a pantecnicon to haul the materials. We agreed to try some paper beads in the afternoon for a bit of variety. I am enjoying this job. They are such nice people.


MargaretR said...

I am so pleased that this class is so succesful Sally. What a wonderful feeling it must give you that you are bringing some happiness and purpose to these ladies. You know yourself what pleasure our art brings us. I hope you are making them feel the same.

Gill said...

I wore my green necklace today and received lots of nice comments - your work is so much appreciated, Sally. No wonder they are having a bll working with you - lucky ladies.

Gill said...

sorry, that was meant to say "having a ball working with you"

Zaz said...

fantastic work Sally - as always !! I am sure they appreciate that someone has taken the time and trouble to coomunicate with them !