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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Disenchanted workshops

I took my total bead collection along to add a bit of enchantment this week. You know what its like, we all do it. You have your best beads, or your special fabric stash or wool that you only stroke once a year and what happens to it? You die and it goes to a charity shop. So use it before you loose it I say.

Another arts centre very kindly donated a load of earring findings to me during their recent clean out. I've never made earrings. Always dismissed it as too simple for a genius like myself. But man, are they a good tool for showing people who think they can't do anything just what they can do. We yomped through our donated bits and pieces and I 've now sent for a another bag of a thousand findings. Hmmmm, there's a piece of work for the to do list -make a bag of 1000 findings. Can't you just see it, covered in found objects?

One thing I couldn't find on line was hoop earrings designed to have bead strung on them. The general vibe was that they are old fashioned and their manufacture discontinued. If you happen to have any for sale or know of a source, please do get in touch.

Lots more necklaces and bracelets sprang to life . This group is really into seed beads. The best bit for me was the participant who kept saying 'I'm so surprised I like this - I didn't want to come.' So much better than being an anti-climax!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grumpy :)

Grumpy said...

Don't know who you are anony mouse,
but thanks for that! I'm having a lovely brithday with surprises popping up all over the place.

Gill said...

I think you need an American friend to pop into Michaels and buy a bag of cheapy hoop earrings for you, Sally.