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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Differently abled

Some ideas for the more able kids next week. I'm going to mask off a metre of wallpaper lining with rough masking tape waves and book covering film fish then have the children sponge the whole thing with dilute blue paint and rip off the masks.

Some of the children are distressed if their hands get wet/dirty so I thought we could have fishing lines of cane and string, dipped into the paint and then whacked onto the paper to make seaweed.

We'll collage some of the fish shapes with junk mail and/or glitter/sequins and outline in black pen.
My hands are still green as I type this. Maybe the kids have a point.


MargaretR said...

Great idea Sally. I don't suppose they make gloves small enough? I wonder if they would wear them anyway. Probably wouldn't!

Zaz said...

this is a lovely project Sally ! and you are approaching it with just the right style !

I love your reports! they couldnt have picked a better person to do it !