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Friday, January 06, 2006

Barking Bottledogs Batman!

Here we have the barking bottle dog. The barking bit is achieved by slicing the smaller 'head' bottle half way across the underside but leaving the top hinged. When you jiggle the doggie up and down he goes 'clack, clack, clack' which, with a bit of poet license becomes woof, woof, woof. Made him this morning, except for the ears. Couldn't for the life of me work out where a dog's ears went! Had to go look at dogs before I could be sure that they did in fact go on top of the head. Isn't weird when you get these visual blanks? Anyway, over the weekend I'll give him his emulsion coat and his spots but am pretty pleased with bottle dog so far.

My friend Sue was kind enough to leave a comment last time mentioning plastic bottles and soldering irons. This is a definate no-no. Melting plastic gives off cyanide gas so please don't burn plastic of any kind. You are far too valuable to me - I need you here to be my readers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
He looks like he should be a character in Dr Who!

MargaretR said...

Hi Sally,
Your dog will be very realistic when he gets his emulsion coat and spots. I can imagine a whole class of them being very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, no - I like him transparent so you can see all his workings! Reminds me...had a string dog puppet when I was young made of polished wooden spheres and ovals, think he was supposed to be painted a-la-spot the dog, but I liked him just the way he was! Sally, think the whole concept of plastic bottle and found object puppets is amazing, so creative - well done you, Nita

Grumpy said...

You know what Nita - you're right. Have just emulsioned him and don't like him nearly so much.