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Sunday, January 08, 2006

An emulsional experience

Ahhh Nita, if only I'd listened. Never, gentle reader, try to emulsion a plastic bottle. Every movement results in an unattractive flutter of flakes. So, bottledog is dead - long live bottledog! He was duly remade, writing down the instructions in idiot speak as I went this time and using dearly beloved as token child. He seemed able to understand and obey which gives me hope. He did also point out all the stabbing possibilities of children with yarn darners but then he does like to look on the dark side if at all possible.

Bottledog number two investigates the carcass of his predecessor. In the interest of simplicity the string is only attached to his collar and his tail. You can make him sit or play dead and that's about it. I am tempted to attach a string to his back leg for piddling purposes but perhaps that's a little un-PC for the kiddies. Or should that be unpisssy?

I've just noticed he has white pupils in back eyes. Isn't that the wrong way round? Perhaps I have visual dyslexia.


MargaretR said...

Hi Sally,
Why don't you wrap the bottle in white paper first stick it down on the outside with glue, then use a felt pen to make the spots? He doesn't have to die, it will make me so sad if he does.

Grumpy said...

He has mange I'm afraid Margaret. Or maybe that shoud be distemper. Wasn't that both something you painted the walls with and a disease of the dog? Did think about swishing the inside of the bottle with paint but all in all I think keeping the primary school an emulsion free zone is a pretty good idea. The potential for all kinds of disaster doesn't bare thinking about.