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Monday, January 30, 2006

Make mine a double

Here we have Bender relaxing in a glass of something which is what I'll be doing shortly after a day of making safety pin robots with primary seven. The teacher was off ill and it was hell on wheels. Everyone managed to assemble their robots from the kits I gave them but the stringing was a bit too technical. I tried to encourage those who managed it to help those who hadn't but altruism doesn't seem to be high on their list of priorities. Imaging a cage full of monkeys at feeding time and you get the general idea.

I was bending over one golden haired little princess explaining the finer intricacies when she retorted ' your breath stinks!' Had enough by this time the golden haired princess was removed in tears. To be locked in a tower and the key thrown away one can only hope.

Using the glass half empty/half full analogy I am trying to be positive. The project is half done. Four weeks to go. They need a creative activity requiring maximum input from them and minimum input from me. Thinking paper mache......or should I launch straight into the bottle dogs while the concept of string puppets is still fresh in their minds? Or is it? I showed them how to attach the legs and by the time they reached the arms they had forgotton. The MTV generation.

The stand- in teacher had a different perspectve on things. She thought the afternoon had flown by and the children had really enjoyed it. I was amazed. Honest Injun ? Oh yes, she assured me. They would have been quick enough to tell you if they handn't.

Enough of being monkey food for one day. Pour me a large one.


judypatooote said...

You crack me up! This is such an interesting post....I love all your projects and the funny stories to go along with them..... I believe there is a special place in heaven for the people who work with children, whether a teacher, or helper....most children this day are really a handful.....and God Bless you All.......of course my grandchildren are pretty perfect.....LOL

Grumpy said...

That's a nice thought Judy. Thanks for that. When I went to school today the kids didn't know what a kit was. One boy complained his kit was missing 'that green line'. I guess he'd never seen a piece of wire before. So now he has. That makes it worthwhile.

MargaretR said...

Hi Sally. So glad you had a good day- I was once asked why I had a mustache and honestly I didn't think I had one (then) that was years ago(g)
Had you been eating garlic last night?

Gill said...

Can imagine you might need more than one stiff drink! But what a day...and those kids are going to remember that project forever, you know.
(no wonder the regular teacher needed a day off!)